1. Introduction: document governs website use; consent to website document: implied; consent to website terms and conditions: express; website user minimum age.
  2. Copyright notice: UCC copyright notice; ownership of rights in website.
  3. Permission to use website: license to use website; no downloading; website use: permitted purposes; no modification of website content; limitations on license to use website; redistributable content; suspension or restriction of access to website.
  4. Misuse of website: acceptable use: prohibitions; veracity of information supplied.
  5. Use on behalf of organisation: use on behalf of another.
  6. Jobseeker registration and accounts: provisions apply to jobseekers; account eligibility (private individuals); account registration process.
  7. Recruiter registration and accounts: provisions apply to recruiters; account eligibility (businesses); account registration process; account fees; paid-for account period.
  8. User login details: provision of login details; user ID rules and impersonation; password to be kept confidential; notify on disclosure of password; responsibility for password loss.
  9. Cancellation and suspension of account: rights of operator over account with paid services; cancellation of website account with paid services by user.
  10. Jobseeker services: jobseeker services; jobseekers’ relationships with recruiters; jobseeker information; CVs as your content.
  11. Recruiter services: recruiter services; advertisements as user content; recruiters’ relationships with jobseekers; posting job advertisements; use of jobseeker database; recruiter services warranty; recruiter warranty exceptions.
  12. Fees: fees specified on website; amounts inclusive or exclusive of VAT; payment of fees; variation of fees; disputed payments; unjustified charge-backs; unpaid fees: withdrawal of services; right of set off.